New 16 Foot Size and Locking Head!

In addition to the already popular 12' Dust Shield Pro pole, a new 16' size

has been developed for job sites with taller ceilings. This new size

is a better fit for commercial projects and still maintains all the strength

and stability of the 12' pole.


One of the most exciting new features is the addition of the locking head.

Now poly sheeting easily locks into the head and any shifting or sliding of

the screening material is prevented.


Feel free to view the informational video that can be found on the Dust Shield Pro product page. Just click the view details button below.

This all new Painter's Grade Blue Tape has a natural rubber adhesive that provides a clean removal for up to 14 days! It's tougher than most Blue Tape brands because it's made with an extra heavy paper that resists wear and unwanted tearing. It is also developed with a deep resin saturation that allows the tape to hold up under high and low temperatures.

The 24 pack shelf case features a tear away lid which makes displaying Painter's Grade Blue Tape quick and easy, and the roll wrapper and case provide a "retail-friendly" look that is sure to capture the attention of your customers.

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The toughest paperboard on the market just got tougher!

Builder Board with all new Liquid Shield now repels water, mud, paint

and other liquids. When put to the test, Builder Board has proven to keep

water from soaking through for days, while other boards soak through

in just minutes. In fact, any amount of water that was tested on the new

Builder Board, evaporated before it had a chance to show any

signs of failure.

It's a more durable board than the competitions. Will it lay flat?

This new material that makes up Builder Board is more durable and actually

lays out more flat than any of the competitions boards. We were able to sustain

the strength and density of the board as well as, provide a flexible product that lays

flat. Other boards use a cheap material that tears easily to achieve flexibility.

Door Armor is a revolutionary product used to protect doors quickly and easily. It is a heavy duty, co-extruded film that resists and prevents marks and scratches. The most impressive feature is that just one 35" roll of Door Armor can cover the front and back of up to 20 doors!


Its unique resin adheres to almost all smooth and lightly textured surfaces. Use it on factory finished metal and wood doors, composite, even glass; without the risk of adhesive residue.


Click the view details button below to view the Door Armor product page along with the video to see this great new product in action.